A New Automated 2 DOFs 3D Desktop Optical Scanner

L’obiettivo di questa ricerca è stato di creare un sistema di misurazione 3D completo e automatico per forme complesse e freeform, con un dato ad alta risoluzione, preciso e accurato per la metrologia.



The goal of this research work was to create a completely automated desktop 3D optical measuring system for parts having freeform and complex surfaces, with high and certifiable resolution, precision and accuracy to be suitable for metrology.

The proposed device is based on the principle of structured light active triangulation. The hardware system consists of an optical system, with a 2 degrees of freedom (DOFs) motorized tilt-rotational table and a framework providing fixtures for a proper location of the target specimen. The software module is able to synchronize the optical and mechanical systems after optical and mechanical calibrations.

The mesh representing the measured object is registered automatically by stitching together all the single 3D data sets acquired at each movement of the positioning system.

The quality of the result is evaluated by checking the difference between a certified reference model and the measured data.


Rivista: IFToMM Italy 2017 Proceeding

Data Pubblicazione : Novembre 2016

Autori: Maria Cristina Valigi, Silvia Logozzo, Gabriele Canella

Scanner 3D utilizzato: ScanRider 1.2




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